Bapaye Eye Hospital

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अत्याधुनिक मोतिबिंदु शस्त्रक्रिया

With worlds leading technology.
Centurion Vision System. Available at Bapaye Eye Hospital Nashik.

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Bapaye eye specialist nashik
संपूर्ण कुटुंबासाठी परिपूर्ण नेत्रसेवा
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Nashik's 1st NABH Certified Eye Hospital.

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३६ वर्षांचा अनुभव आणि सोबत अत्याधुनिक तंत्रज्ञान
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Super Specialty Lasik, Cataract, Glaucoma, Cornea & Retina Treatment by the most trusted eye specialists in Nashik.

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Experienced Eye Specialist Nashik

Clear Vision is our Mission

Zeiss Callisto Imaging system

The Zeiss Callisto System enhances cataract surgery with its precise, real-time digital marking and image-guided alignment. It improves surgical accuracy, reduces dependency on manual marking, and integrates seamlessly with other Zeiss devices. This system boosts surgeon confidence, minimizes errors, and ensures better visual outcomes for patients.

Know Your Eye Specialist

Dr Meena Bapaye - Eye Specialist In Nashik

Dr. Meena Bapaye

Senior Ophthalmologist

Eye Surgeon

Dr. Maneesh Bapaye

Retina Surgeon
Fellow-Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai

Dr. Charuta Bapaye

Pediatric Ophthalmologist

Sankara Nethralaya,Chennai


Other Specialists on Our Panel

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Dr. Bapaye Hospital is a specialty hospital in Ophthalmology founded on 16th October 1983 by Dr. Manohar Bapaye and Dr. Mrs. Meena Bapaye in the city of Nashik.
Dr. Manohar and Dr. Meena Bapaye started their practice in Nashik on 15th August 1975. They were both one of the earliest specialists in their respective fields of Urology and Ophthalmology. In response to their increasing patient load they shifted to the present premises in 1983.
Since then there has been no turning back. Honesty, quality, and up-gradation have been the backbone of the progress that the hospital has witnessed over the past 40 years.
In 2005, they were joined by Dr. Maneesh Bapaye, a RetinaCataract, and Lasik specialist and Dr. Charuta Bapaye, a specialist in pediatric eye diseases and squint. One of the top eye specialists in India.
In keeping with the policy of constant up-gradation, it was the first hospital in Nashik to receive Entry Level NABH Certification in 2017. The hospital has a team of specialists who work together to deliver state of the art eye care to our patients

What Computer Vision Syndrome? Or Digital Eye strain?

Computer vision syndrome (CVS) is a group of eye and vision-related problems that result from prolonged use of computer, tablet, e-reader and cell phone. Symptoms of CVS can include eye strain, headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes, and neck and shoulder pain. It is important to note that CVS is a symptom complex and not a

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Old Agra Rd, Opposite Hotel Samrat, Behind NDCC Bank, Near Old CBS, Nashik, Maharashtra 422001.

Between 10 am to 8 pm –  9423971283 (For appt/ Info)
Between 8 pm to 10 am –  0253 2506505 (For Emergency)

How to reach us

Bapaye Eye Hospital

Old Agra Rd, Opposite Hotel Samrat, Old, CBS Rd, behind NDCC Bank, Nashik, Maharashtra 422001.


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