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Refractive eye surgery is non-essential eye surgery used to improve the refractive state of the eye and decrease or eliminate dependency on glasses or contact lenses. Having spectacle free vision is highly desirable for cosmetic as well as professional reasons. At Dr.Bapaye Hospital we offer state of the art refractive surgery facility to give painless & quick results.
Alcon Wavelight Ex500 Excimer Laser Machine
USFDA approved the latest and fastest excimer laser machine. It has very fast speed (500Hz) with the smallest spot size, a combination of which reshapes the cornea in a few seconds and in a very precise manner. This dramatically shortens healing time and you can regain daily activities very soon.
Eye-tracker (1080Hz)- fastest in segment makes sure that treatment is given precisely to the area planned despite some amount of eye movement.
Morea (SBKII) microkeratome:
The latest microkeratome with disposable heads can create very thin flaps of the cornea (90 microns). Various studies have shown that results with this microkeratome match that of femtosecond laser flaps. Thin flaps also allow us to treat patients with high myopia that would have been deemed unfit in the past.
Oculyser II:
This is the best diagnostic technology for the preoperative workup of Lasik. The machine maps both fronts as well as the back surface of the cornea very precisely. It can detect early cases of keratoconus which can’t be detected by routine topographic methods. It also helps us plan the treatment and show us different possible outcomes even before the patient undergoes surgery.
Implantable Collamer Lenses:
Not all eyes are fit for Lasik due to various reasons like extremely thin cornea or very high refractive error. In such cases, very thin lenses are implanted between crystalline lens and iris. The surgery takes a few minutes with very gratifying results.
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