Bapaye Eye Hospital

Other Services


Certain serious neurological problems like brain tumors may present first with ophthalmic findings like decreased peripheral vision, sudden onset of double vision, and squint with the inability to move the eye, swelling of optic discs, etc. Dr. Bapaye Hospital provides all facilities and expertise for early diagnosis of such problems.


Non–surgical treatment of conditions like blepharospasm, hemifacial spams, crow feet is available in the form of Botox injections. Conditions like ptosis, epicanthus, telecanthus, ectropion, entropion, lagophthalmos require surgical correction. Dr. Bapaye Hospital provides these services. Artificial eye fitting after enucleation or evisceration is also done. Visiting oculoplastic surgeons are also available for more complex facial plastic problems.


Dr. Bapaye Hospital offers 24 Hours service and surgeries for all types of ocular trauma including corneoscleral tears, lid, and canalicular tears, traumatic cataracts, intraocular foreign bodies, etc.

Low Vision Correction

Patients who have irreversible vision loss due to problems in the retina, end-stage glaucoma, or neurological problems are counseled and offered options of low vision aids, which can enable them to read and perform activities of daily living to some extent. Dr. Bapaye hospital has a special low vision clinic to help such patients.
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